Limefield Residents Association

Welcome to the Limefield Residents Association, a voice for the people of Limefield in Bury, Lancashire.

Our aim with our web site is to keep each other informed of issues that we can work to get solved, and to build up friendships in our local area.

If you have any ideas on making our area even better then let’s make it better together.

New Website!

The new website set up.

We hope you like the look of the brand new Limefield website. Our hope is that over the months to come, and with your help we can build it up to be a hub of our community.
Do you have any news, greetings, announcements or concerns? Feel free to post them on here. If you wish to become a contributor and to add pages on here directly, then please let Dave Borland (0161 797 0589) or Dorothy Shedwick (0161 764 4347) know.


Limefield Gardens Makeover

The renovations at Limefield will improve footpaths, stone walls and drains, and pay for new benches and bins.

Groundwork Bury, Bury Council and Limefield Residents’ Association have been working in partnership to secure the funding from GGM to restore the gardens back to their former glory.

Dave Borland, chair of the Limefield Residents’ Association, said: “Limefield Gardens are a valuable community asset and this funding will enable our partnership to give them a much-needed facelift. We hope that the restoration will provide an opportunity for community participation and involvement.”

We want ideas!

Let’s help each other to make Limefield even better. The more ideas the better. It’s our community, and it’s our future. With help from each other we can do it.


Dave Borland
0161 797 0589
Dorothy Shedwick
0161 764 4347

Our Councillors

Dorothy Cassidy
0161 764 9716
Keith Rothwell
0161 764 0827

Peter Ashworth
0161 764 5045

Our MP

David Chaytor
0161 764 9716
House of Commons,

Email: chaytord (at)